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RULES UPDATE: Delaware Restart Rules

RULES UPDATE: Delaware Restart Rules

We have made some changes to the Delaware Restart Rules, please take a second and review these updates.

The leader will restart the race alone on the front row. All other competitors will line up side-by-side behind the leader.

During a yellow flag condition all drivers will be lined up single file behind the pace car. All restart lineups will be derived from the head scorer’s lap sheets as the field crossed the start/finish line on the last completed green flag lap.

With 2 laps to go before the green flag comes out, the cone will be placed at the end of the front stretch, before turn 1. The Race Director will announce that the cone is coming out. As drivers pass the cone they may choose the inside or outside lane. Drivers may not pass cars on the front stretch coming to the cone. Once drivers make their lane choice, they must stay in that lane until the green flag is dispayed. The leader must keep a steady pace. Drivers on the inside lane must stay to the left and leave room for cars coming up on the outside.

When the leader comes by the start/finish line with 1 lap to go before the green is displayed, the flag man will hold 1 finger in the air and turn out the yellow light. Race control will announce 1 lap to go before green. No tire scrubbing with 1 lap to go before the green flag comes out.

Only drivers on the lead lap may participate in the Delaware cone restart.
Drivers 1 or more laps down will be announced by the race director.
Drivers who receive the Lucky dog on that yellow cannot participate in that delaware cone restart.
If you have caused the yellow flag for any reason, including, but not limited to:

Spinning out

Causing someone to spin out


Causing someone to crash

Leaking fluids


Dragging parts,


you will not be permitted to participate in that Delaware cone restart. Race control will announce who has been identified as causing the yellow flag. Please monitor race control on 462.6750.

If you have been identified as causing the yellow flag, you must stay on the inside lane for that Delaware cone restart.

If you have been identified as causing the yellow and you mistakenly participated in that Delaware restart you will be penalized 1 lap. We will not stop and re-line up cars to put you back into the correct position. It takes too long and disrupts the show.

Main events for Open Late models, Modifieds, Street Stocks, Legends and Mini Stocks will participate in Delaware cone restarts. All drivers are expected to be familiar with these procedures. There is a 1 lap penalty for not following these procedure.

After 4 cautions (yellow or red flags) we will cancel Delaware cone restarts and revert to single file restarts.

The race director may cancel Delaware cone restarts at anytime at his discretion.


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About Orange Show Speedway

Orange Show Speedway is a 1/4 mile asphalt oval. The track is located 1.0 Miles north of I-10 on I-215 to Orange Show Road, then .3 miles east, then .5 mile north on E Street. (Fairgrounds)

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