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Linny White

Car Make/Model/Year: 2015 Chevy SS
Car Builder: Race Car Factory
Years Racing:17 years
Hometown: Colton
Occupation: Fabricator and owner of Who's That Guy Chassisworks

Q: How did you become interested in racing?

I had always had an interest in racing as I grew up at the track watching my Dad Lindsey White drive. All my buddies liked going bowling or mini golf or whatever it was kids do but I would choose the racetrack any given day.

Q: What do you remember about your first race?

My first race was really interesting I had a buddy named Todd Bradburry that I had taken some advice from since he was one of the fast guys in the very popular pony stock class. Well he thought he could get away with telling me that you flat foot the car around the track never even lifting. Lol. Well to everybodies surprise I made it work. It wasn't very fast but I proved it can be done.

Q: What is your most notable win?

I'm really fortunate to have won some pretty prestigious races at many different tracks asphalt and dirt. I know the question is most notable but their is some very meaningful events that I keep real close like 2008 OSS while racing in memory of my grandfather we had a stellar year winning a majority of the races and coming up fractions of 1 single point of winning a national title. To some of my most recents 2015 LVMS Fall classic, and I really hold the 2 Lucas Oil Modified races I have won this year real close to my heart because I have never worked so hard at anything to succeed ,as I have in that series.

Q: You've raced at many different tracks over the years, besides Orange Show Speedway what is your favorite track to race at?

You know I'm really good at the Bullring and its right there in my top 3 but I really have a sweet tooth for Madera. It races a lot like a dirt track for me and I just have a lot of fun there.

Q: Who is your most influential race car driver and why?

I would have to go with my pops as my all around driver and role model. I mean the guy was an animal. He would work 12 hour days come home work on his car get a few hours sleep and back to work. I try to mold my ethics to his standards. I'll tell you it's a pretty tough road.

Q: Any advice for anyone looking to get started in racing?

Absolutely. To succeed be prepared to put in the work and at the end of the day HAVE FUN!!

Q: What are your hobbies outside of racing?

I really enjoy golfing. It's hard for me to not think about racing 24/7. And for some reason during a round of golf I can actually tune it out for a few hours.

Q: Anyone you would like to thank?

I've been so fortunate to have so many awesome people involved with my racing adventures. I've driven for Jerry Dodd, David Eshleman, Mike Hagerman, Todd Bradburry, Charlie Barham, and I currently drive for Earl Robbins and Rob Kiemele. A lot of people have been with me for a long time like my dad, Wes Keelin, Robert Riddering, My wife also the newer guys I've been so blessed to work with like Ej Robbins,Tim Carruthers,Jerry Cook, all of the racer wives, my buddy Brian Malone. Like I said I've been real fortunate and I'm thankful to the guys that turn the wrenches to the fans in the stands.

Q: Where can people find you online?

I have a fb @ Linny n Sunny White , Instagram @ ljwhite55, and Twitter which I'm trying to learn how to use and could use some followers. Lol. @ljwhite55


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About Orange Show Speedway

Orange Show Speedway is a 1/4 mile asphalt oval. The track is located 1.0 Miles north of I-10 on I-215 to Orange Show Road, then .3 miles east, then .5 mile north on E Street. (Fairgrounds)

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