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Dodge RAM 1500 Fixed Running boards VS Electric running boards

You can choose fixed position running boards side for RAM 1500 if you are looking for an economical option that comes with almost all the basic functions like providing safe steps for the passengers and saving your truck from road debris. But if you want to impress your girlfriend, then electrically powered running boards for RAM 1500 may serve the purpose quite well as they come with so many hot advantages but remember they feed on the dollars. Below are some advantages of electric running boards RAM 1500 over fixed position running boards;

1. Electric running boards RAM 1500 come with extra-modern technology. They can be programmed for when to work and how to work? It’s a complete luxury package.
2. Electric running boards RAM 1500 add a heroic look to your vehicle. Don’t take it for yourself.
3. They can move in and move out as per your requirement which also helps you to maintain the real ground clearance of your RAM 1500.

Now check out some best options of running boards for your RAM 1500 available in the aftermarket and do know some of their most important attributes.

Best Electric Running Board For Dodge RAM 1500

Best Value Running Board - ARIES 3047912 ACTIONTRAC Retractable Powered Running Boards


  • Black color
  • Made of Aluminum
  • 5-year warranty
  • 650 lb. load-carrying capacity.
  • Vehicle specific, select RAM, Dodge RAM 1500


  • Stylish texture
  • Non-skid step pads
  • Non-corrosive
  • Retractable step


  • Very high cost
  • Noise problems may occur while opening & closing

Top manufacturers Of Running Boards For Dodge RAM 1500


Aries automotive is an established brand name when it comes to aftermarket accessories of trucks, jeeps, and SUVs. Along with fixed position running boards for RAM 1500, they also specialize in custom-fit running boards which are vehicle specific and don’t require any drill holes. They offer products with different shapes from flat, oval, round to rocker step running boards and these running boards come in different sizes and finish. Their electrically controlled running boards are available with the highest prices in the market reaching more than 2-grand.


Mopar is the most established brand in terms of services and products when the concern is running boards for RAM 1500. The brand is being used as a term for any Chrysler-built vehicles especially for Dodge, Imperial, Chrysler, or Dodge RAMS. The brand has an extinguishing history of over 80 years and deals with a lot of automotive parts built by different OEMs under name of Mopar. And when it comes to running boards, the Mopar brand name has unique running boards under its name with respect to fine texture, skid-resisting steps, easy installation, and high durability.

Here is an official link to the website, Bu let us make it easy for you, Mopar deals with many products so it would be an intelligent move if you look for some OEM distributor instead.

Key advantages of running boards for RAM 1500

  • Ease of entry:

Running boards or side steps for RAM 1500 or any other truck provide an extra step for getting into your truck. Trucks like ram 1500/2500/3500 are usually taller than the cars and shortened passengers especially children and old people may face difficulties while stepping into the truck. Running boards help them to manage themselves physically and avoid back and knee pain.

  • Protect your vehicle from road debris & rock chips:

When vehicles move fast on the rough roads, their tires kick up the road debris and rock chips moving with a bullet speed. They can damage the exterior of your truck especially paint, doors, and side panels. When you have RAM 1500 running boards installed, they will act as a safety shield for these kinds of problems and can save you hundreds of dollars.

  • Keep the interior of your truck clean:

In normal practice, people put their first step on the running boards/side steps and then step into the truck. By doing so, they might wipe the dirt and mud off their shoes and it will ultimately help the owners to have the interior of their truck neat and clean.

  • Provide a more stylish look to your truck:

Many people tend to use running boards even with their less tall vehicles. In today’s market, running boards are available in different materials with modern design and new technology that can add a more stylish look to your Truck’s exterior. Electric running boards for RAM 1500 quite serve this purpose for the owners.

Some Pros of THE running boards for RAM 1500

  • Maintaining an extra item:

Though running boards/step bars for RAM 1500 are a valuable addition to your ride; they are not the must-installed part of your truck. You can run your RAM 1500 otherwise too, but having ram 1500 nerf bars installed Is surely going to provide more ease and protection to the passengers.

  • Ground clearance gets reduced:

Step rails for ram 1500 cause a decrease in ground clearance and that can cause difficulties for the truck mechanic or for you to get under the truck for any kind of maintenance. But that is the case only with simple step rails for RAM 1500. If you get electric running boards RAM 150O, then this issue doesn’t remain any longer as you can adjust your running boards as per your desire. Side steps move out for you when you open the door and move in when you close the door.

  • They need regular cleaning:

Running boards for RAM 1500 just act like a ladder and get dirt and mud off your shoes. So, you need to clean them regularly. They also can be slippery in rain and can accumulate snow and may cause a serious injury.

Top 3 Running Boards For Dodge RAM 1500

AMP Research 76139-01A Power Step Running Boards

Here is another masterpiece under the brand name AMP research. This set of running boards for RAM 1500 comes with a 600 lb. weight carrying capacity, a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects, and a hefty amount of 1699 dollars. It is compatible with RAM 1500, 2016/2017 only but if you got that truck and you are looking for some phenomenal option regarding Running boards for your RAM 1500, then you deserve these.

These running boards are made of die-cast aluminum alloy with stainless steel pivot pins for strong stability and come with PTFE coating, an integrated LED system, an extra-stylish finish, strong durability, and good corrosion resistance.


  • Awesome texture
  • Retractable step
  • Robust design
  • Good durability


  • High purchasing cost
  • No plug N’ Play adapter

ARIES 3047912 ACTIONTRAC 79-Inch Retractable Powered Running Boards

These 2-grand running boards for RAM 1500 are the best competitor to the AMP research when it comes to being electrically powered but Aries deals with only vehicle-specific running boards. That makes them more unique. Made with aluminum and coated with carbide black powder, these running boards have strong non-corrosive properties and weigh 74 lb. against 650 pounds load-carrying capacity. Even with this light structure, these running boards offer good material strength.

Their unique ladder-type structure consists of two steps. The lower step is electrically controlled and moves in and out to provides easy access for the passengers to get into the vehicle.


  • Unique design and technology
  • Retractable step
  • Easy installation
  • Maximum safety
  • Highly resistant to corrosion


  • Very expensive
  • Noise problem while opening and closing
  • Average quality

AMP Research 75138-01A-B Power Step Electric Running Boards